On July 14, 2022, the top martial artists from around the world competed in Phoenix, Arizona for the 2022 ATA World Championships.

Raritan Valley ATA (RVATA) instructor and owner, Brian Peterson, qualified for competition in both the forms and weapons divisions, after clinching a berth during the NorthEast District Championships in Lancaster, PA, this past May.

Forms competition resulted in a tie for first-place with Mr. Doug Bowman of Wisconsin, who had been ranked second in the World for 2022. Mr. Peterson won the tie-breaker in a unanimous decision by the judges.

This is Mr. Peterson’s second World Championship title, having won for Weapons during the 2021 competition.

“It feels amazing to win after such a strong competition. Anyone in the ring could have won this title, and going to a tie-breaker proves it. These are some of the best and highest-ranking martial arts on the planet, and I’m honored to be included in the group,” said Peterson.

Congratulations to Mr. Peterson on capturing his second World Champion title!

A member of the American Taekwondo Association, RVATA teaches Songahm Taekwondo and life skills through the decades of combined experience of its instructor team. The school is led by nationally certified instructors who are continually training in best instructional practices and safety standards derived from the ATA’s 700+ independently owned & operated locations. RVATA also benefits from on-going involvement in the ATA international tournament circuit allowing students and staff to challenge themselves physically against the best in the World.

Any questions about the students, training or tournaments can be directed to Mr. Peterson at Raritan Valley ATA.