Mr. Neel Muzumdar of Raritan Valley ATA in Branchburg is preparing to test for fifth degree black belt in front of an international panel of judges, ranking from sixth through ninth degree Black Belt, at ATA World Championships in July.

The training for this test has been on-going during the past five years, including demonstrations in front of regional high ranks, tournament competitions, continuing education experiences and certifications for instructor credentials with international staff.

Mr. Muzumdar joins an estimated 700 martial artists from across the globe who will be participating in this testing.

“Having my application to test accepted is an honor. This is something I have worked consistently toward for years and (if I pass) it will be a great achievement to share with my students and fellow instructors. Aside from going through my testing, being there this year in particular is historic both for RVATA and for ATA, so I’m glad the timing lined up well” said Mr. Muzumdar.

The history Mr. Muzumdar is refering to includes the first women to ever test in the ATA for the rank of ninth degree Black Belt – the organizations highest achievement. Chief Master Tammy Stauber of Little Rock, AR and Chief Master Cheryl Brice of Evansville, IN will take the stage as part of a class of eight, just after Mr. Muzumdar finishes his testing on July 13, 2023 at the Phoenix Convention Center.

For more information on the testing and other events happening around World Championships, visit the ATA’s website at

About Raritan Valley ATA

Raritan Valley ATA is an individually owned and operated member of the American Taekwondo Association. They are commited to safe, effective training for students ages 3 and above. For more information, contact the school by visiting or call 908-255-4763.