Jan 21, 2023 – Various locations

American Taekwondo Association (ATA) Regions 110A & B held a joint judging clinic on Saturday January 21, 2023 to certify more than 200 judges. The participants met throughout the regions at seven different locations and were coordinated via both Zoom and on-site Tournament team representatives. Athletes ranging from first degree black belts through eighth degree black belts were brought up to speed on rule changes, adjustments, and procedures for the successful management of tournament operations. These participants will now undergo testing in order to verify their proficiency and certify them for the next year.

When asked about the turnout and overall results of the clinic, Regional Tournament Team Leader Senior Master Susan Winter stated, “The feedback was very positive. Events like this allow us to improve the normally high level of judging even more while keeping the training convenient for everyone involved. Utilizing technology allowed us to reach more judges than we would normally be able to. Keeping people current on rules and regulations will give us the opportunities to run the best possible events for our competitors. That quality is s key differentiator between us and other organizations.”

These seminars are held every few months in locations around the country, including at most national events. Both the ATA and the local regions in particular take great pride on the quality, efficiency, and judging at our regional contests.

For more information please contact Senior Master Winter at info@princetonata.com.

To compete in an ATA tournament visit your local ATA school for details and schedules.